HDPE eliminates the need to anti-foul!
Marine growth cannot penetrate it.

Poly Workboat Pylon Punt
Poly Tuff Punt Dinghy 3.5m
Poly tuff punt dinghy 5.5m
Poly tuff punt dinghy 5.5m


Polyline Industries manufacture standard and custom tuff punt dinghies for the Mining, Marine and Oil & Gas industries. These solid yet lightweight vessels are ideal for crew transfers, as a working platform, a base for diving operations, maintenance work and fast oil response.


As we specialise in the fabrication of plastic boats, you can trust us to build you a customised solution for your specific requirements. Enquire today to receive a free quote!


View a sample of Polyline's Tuff Punt Dinghies:

Pylon Punt

This 4m Pylon Tuff Punt was designed and built for Albany Port Authority specifically for pylon maintenance. The horseshoe style bow accommodates 360° access from inside the punt. 

Poly Workboat Pylon Punt
Poly Workboat Pylon Punt
Poly Workboat Pylon Punt
View Pylon Tuff Punt Features & Specifications


  • Payload 2 persons plus 100kg of equipment
  • Horseshoe style bow to accommodate 360° 
    access to the pylon from 
    inside the punt.
  • This is a very stable work platform


Length Overall: 4m
Beam: 1.8m
Draught: 0.1m
Displacement: 350kg
Motor: 5 – 15 hp

3.5m Tuff Punt Dinghy

This 3.5m Tuff Punt is a small hard wearing vessel with a long life expectancy. It is very stable for its size, dry and manoeuvres extreme well. Corrosion free and able to handle the heavy knocks without denting like conventional aluminium hulls.

This boat comes in a variety of colours with no need for painting. At 130kg the 3.5m Tuff Punt is a very lightweight car topper.

Poly Tuff Punt Dinghy 3.5m
Poly Tuff Punt Dinghy 3.5m
Poly Tuff Punt Dinghy 3.5m
View 3.5m Tuff Punt Dinghy Features & Specifications


  • Seating for 4 persons
  • Removable carpeted floor
  • Forward storage
  • Forward anchor storage
  • Variety of colours available


  • Shade cover
  • Rod holders
  • Centre console
  • Various seating layouts
  • Removable deck
  • Forward casting deck
  • Foam filled seats
  • Hatches beneath the “hinged” casting deck


Length Overall: 3.5m
Beam: 1.5m
Draught: 0.12m
Load Capacity: 4 persons / 500kg
Rated HP: 15 four stroke
Displacement: 130kg

Because of the planning strakes on the underside (pictured below) she drives like on rails VVV.

5.5m Tuff Punt Dinghy

The Tuff Punt is a vessel built to be practically indestructible. Manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the vessel will not rust, corrode, suffer from electrolysis and does not require painting or anti-fouling.

The Tuff Punt is a versatile workhorse suitable for a wide range of applications. The convenience of the ability to stack the boats on top of each other means that they can be easily loaded into a 20 foot sea container for transporting. This makes the vessel ideal for emergency deployment. 

Poly tuff punt dinghy 5.5m
Poly tuff punt dinghy 5.5m
Poly tuff punt dinghy 5.5m
View 5.5m Tuff Punt Dinghy Features & Specifications


  • 6 Passengers
  • Non-slip deck
  • Forward Storage
  • Box Seat doubles as storage
  • Removable hand rails
  • Console folds flat for transport
  • Engine Protector removes for transport
  • Engine fits between Transom and false transom
    for transport
  • Two Boats can be placed one on top of the other
    to fit into a sea container for transport anywhere.


Length Overall: 5.5m
Beam: 2.2m
Draught: 0.15m
Fuel Capacity: Portable Tanks
Range Expected: Dependent on motor
Fuel Consumption: Dependent on motor
Displacement: 1100kg