HDPE is perfect for Underground Mines. 
It won't rust or corrode in damp and salty environments!

HDPE grout mixing tank
HDPE grout mixing tank on wheels
HDPE grout mixing tank

Polyline manufactures standard and custom grout mixing tanks to service the Mining and Civil industries.



  • Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) in high visibility yellow. The screen is made from thick walled poly pipe.


  • Size: Standard is 720mm diameter with 300 litre mixing capacity. Custom fabrication welcome.


  • Types: Available in several configurations.

Advantages of Polyline's Grout Tanks

  • Lightweight: Great alternative to steel. Easy to move, save on transport costs.


  • Durable: Impact resistant, chemical resistant and impervious to corrosion


  • Easy to Clean: The polymer properties of PE help reduce the bonding of grout to the tank surface making it very easy to clean even after grout has set.

Custom HDPE Grout Tanks


Request a custom built grout tank specific to your operational requirements.

Complete fitted units also available for fabrication.

[Pictured far right: Complete unit fitted with Rock Engineering Pump & Mixer (530mm diameter, 120 litre capacity]

HDPE Grout Mixing Tank
HDPE grout mixing tank
HDPE Grout Mixing Tank complete
HDPE grout mixing tank - 3 years old!

Life Expectancy


A client sent us these photo's of their Polyline Grout Mixing Tank after 3 years of use.

Still looking good!