HDPE bounces back from impact!

Unlike steel and aluminium, HDPE is flexible and has memory.

Polyline Industries design and fabricate Standard and Custom storage boxes suitable for harsh working environments to protect the contents from impact, erosion or contamination.

Our storage boxes are fabricated from Polyethylene (Poly or PE) which is the preferred choice to Aluminium and Steel for many reasons, some of them being its non-corrosive nature and high resistance to impact.

More features and benefits of industrial strength storage boxes are outlined below:


Poly is strong yet impact resistant, it's UV stable resulting in long life expectancy and non-corrosive which makes it unaffected by exposure to salt, oxygen and chemicals.


Industrial storage boxes made of PE FRAS (Fire Retardant Anti-Static) material can prevent damage to electronic items in transit.


Our Storage Boxes manufactured from FRAS are flame retardant and lightweight which makes them a safe option for Mining & Marine environments.


Very low maintenance for a non-corrosive product. To clean the surfaces just use a high pressure cleaner!


With Polyline's specialist fabrication capabilities in poly storage boxes, be sure to send us a message for a free estimate!


Polyline Industries have developed and manufacture a range of Detonator Boxes for the Mining industry to meet the strict OHS requirements.

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  • Red Polyethylene
  • Plastic Handles
  • Stainless Steel Hinges & Lockable Clasp
  • Approved Lock for use in Queensland
  • Compartments made to Request
  • Explosives Decal Embossed to Australian Standards (“Red” lettering on a “White” Background)
Detonator storage box
Detonator storage box

Approved in WA by Department of Mineral & Petroleum Resources
For use throughout WA (10 Feb 2003)
•  Explosives & Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Regulations 1963

Approved in QLD by Department of Natural Resources & Mines
For use in QLD (4 Mar 2005)
Meets the requirements in AS 2187.1 - 1998 for construction

View Polyline's standard Detonator Storage Box range:


Small Detonator storage box

Height: 100mm
Width: 100mm
Length: 200mm

Stock Codes: E001 (WA), E021 (QLD) 

Optional: Small Lock (E010)


Medium Detonator storage box

Height: 410mm
Width: 310mm
Length: 625mm

Without Compartments
Stock Codes: E002 (WA), E022 (QLD)

With 8 Compartments
Stock Codes: E003 (WA), E023 (QLD)

Optional: Medium Approved Lock (E011)


Large Detonator storage box

Height: 500mm
Width: 600mm
Length: 1020mm

Without Compartments
Stock Codes: E004 (WA), E024 (QLD)

With 16 Compartments + Approved Lock
Stock Codes: E005 (WA), E025 (QLD)

Polyline's range of Standard and Custom ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate / Fuel Oil) Storage Boxes were developed and adapted for Mining and Oil & Gas environments.

Additional design features have been implemented so the boxes can be stacked and easily handled with 4-way forklift pockets.

View features of Polyline's ANFO Storage Boxes
  • Material: Solid polyethylene in Red, expanded foam polyethylene core
  • Shape: Square or Rectangular
  • Sizes: Standard sizes available or custom built
  • Functionality - Can be welded and stacked
  • Handling - Easy handling with 4-way forklift pockets
Poly ANFO Storage Box
Poly ANFO Storage Box stacked

Polyline's standard ANFO Storage Box range:

600L Square


Dimensions: 1166 x 1166 x 809 mm 

Stock Code: SQ600


1000L Square


Dimensions: 1166 x 1166 x 1140 mm 

Stock Code: SQ1000

1000L Rectangler


Dimensions: 1170 x 1500 x 900 mm 

Stock Code: R1000

1700L Rectangler


Dimensions: 2250 x 1140 x 950mm

Stock Code: R1700

2100L Rectangular


Dimensions: 2250 x 1140 x 1130mm

Stock Code: R2100

2750L Rectangular


Dimensions: 2300 x 1270 x 1300 mm  

Stock Code: R2750

Polyline's Storage Boxes can be fitted with utility accessories to help secure the box to the vehicle. Ute handles and ute clamps can be custom designed to your service vehicle.


Poly storage box ute handle clamp
Poly storage box ute handle clamp
Poly storage box ute handle clamp