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Polyline Industries fabricate customised door liners designed to protect the inner lining of work vehicles particularly in the Underground Mining environment.

Whilst the original door liner is kept in storage, the Polyline door liner is designed and fitted to take the brunt of the wear and tear in the damp and salty environments. Polyethylene is perfect for the job as it’s non-corrosive.

Ultimately, our door liners are a cost-saver!

They prevent downtime with unnecessary vehicle repairs as they maintain the inside integrity of the vehicle while you get on with the job.

When the time comes for the vehicle to be resold, the original door liner can be easily re-attached, increasing the resale value of the vehicle.

Impact Resistant

Poly is virtually indestructible in normal industrial activities – it’s not like steel or aluminium where on impact it dents – Poly will bounce back.


Poly is UV stable resulting in long life expectancy. It’s non-corrosive properties make it unaffected by exposure to the elements and durable for long term wear and tear.


Poly is relatively lightweight in comparison to its steel counterpart, making it easier to handle and transport.

For the environmentally friendly folk – it has a carbon footprint five times less than aluminium, and can be 100% recycled!

Low Maintenance

Poly products are low maintenance due to being non-corrosive and hard-wearing. To clean the surfaces just use a high pressure cleaner.

Cost Effective

Poly is similarly priced to custom aluminium fabrication, however with the many benefits outlined above, a polyethylene fabricated job is a no-brainer.

With Polyline's specialist fabrication capabilities in custom poly solutions, be sure to send us a message for a free estimate!

Polyline Industries fabricate customised seat protectors that are designed to protect personnel from serious injury by floor intrusions in the Underground Mining environment.

Often in the dark and unpredictable underground environment light vehicles are impaled by bowed rock bolts, rods and pipes. Polyline have manufactured the seat protectors at the request of our clients who want to protect their personnel from preventable serious injury.

The poly seat protectors are easily fitted underneath the driver and passenger seats. The choice of material is Polyethylene as it’s durable, non-corrosive, impact resistant and lightweight.

Polyline’s seat protectors are a life saver – no price tag on that!

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Polyline Industries fabricate bull bars from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE or Poly) for trucks or utility vehicles as a superior alternative to steel or aluminium.

Poly Bull Bars are the preferred choice in the Underground Mining’s service vehicles due to their durability. Poly adds extra protection to your vehicles as it’s naturally resistant to impact so that in the event of a bump or collision the bodies of the vehicles are less vulnerable to damage.

Added benefits to Polyline’s HDPE bull bars are that they’re lightweight – which results in less wear on suspension, reduced fuel costs, and contributes to a higher vehicle payload.

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