HDPE is inert!

It's great for making chemical storage tanks.

Poly Barge for Oil spill containment
Custom Made Poly Pontoon for Mining
Poly Pontoon for Party Boat

Polyline Industries design and manufacture customised Barges and Pontoons for the Mining, Marine and Oil & Gas industries. A range of floating platforms can be built for jetty's, walkways, floating pump landings, work platforms, plane/helicopter/boat landings, houseboats, party boats - the list goes on!

Our Barges and Pontoons are fabricated using Polyethylene (Poly or PE) which by nature has these great qualities:



HDPE is more buoyant than water and assists in the floatation of the vessel resulting in lower possible vessel weights and improved fuel economy.


HDPE is UV stable and does not corrode giving the pontoon a life expectancy of up to 100 years (colour dependent).


Does not require sealing, painting or anti-fouling to prevent marine growth. To clean it just use a high-pressure cleaner. Consider the cost-saving on this alone!


HDPE barges & pontoons are a safe platform choice as they're 100% watertight and designed according to your requirements. 


For a similar price to aluminium, the advantages of HDPE barges & pontoons far outweigh the benefits of an aluminium floating platform.


With Polyline's specialist fabrication capabilities in poly pontoons and barges, be sure to send us a message for a free quote on your next project!


View a sample of Polyline's Barges & Pontoons:

21 Meter Barge

The “Responder 3” is a 21m x 13m modular barge and to our knowledge is the largest poly barge built in the world. In 2C survey, the barge was designed to be built into modules for ease of transport. It is currently operating off the north cost of Western Australia.

HDPE 21m barge
HDPE 21m barge
HDPE 21m barge
View 21m Barge Features & Specifications
Class: 2C
LOA: 21.25m
Measured Length: 21.00m
Moulded Beam: 13.28m
Displacement: 300t
Waterline Length: 21.0m
Waterline Beam: 13.28m
Hull Draft: 1.28m
Vessel Speed: N/A
Pax/Crew: N/A

8 Meter Barge

Named the "Hardship 3" this 8 meter barge was designed and built as a working platform at Koolan Island (Kimberley coast of Western Australia). Outboard motors were fitted to the barge so that the working personnel could install anchors around the island.

Custom Built 8m Poly Barge on water
Custom Built 8m Poly Barge with motors
Custom Built 8m Poly Barge
View 8m Barge Features & Specifications


•  The wake in photo of the Barge on the water shows
   the ease with which the vessel can be manoeuvred.

•  This barge is 8m x 3.5m and has wheels designed to
   allow the front of the barge to be picked up and moved
   around on land with a forklift or the like.

•  It has a simple console.


Overall Length: 8m
Beam: 3.5m
Draught: 0.3m
Load Capacity: 4 tonne
Range Expected: **
Fuel Consumption: **
Maximum Speed: **
Cruising Speed: **
Bollard Pull: **
Displacement: 4000kg light ship

 ** Dependant on engine selection

6 Meter Walkway Pontoon

This walkway pontoon is installed at Koolan Island (Kimberley coast of Western Australia).  
It is a floating platform which supports a gangway for land to sea / sea to land transfer of crew and cargo.
The flexible walkway joins allows both the walkway and pontoon to be used at varying tide levels up to 10 meters.

Poly pontoon for offshore walkway - Tide Out
Poly pontoon for offshore walkway - Tide in
View 6m Walkway Pontoon Features & Specifications


•  Protective rails

•  Non slip deck

•  Low maintenance

•  No painting required


Overall Length: 6m

Beam: 4m

Displacement: 4000kg

Load Capacity: 4000kg

Draught: 0.400 Metres light load

                0.800 Meters full load

Pontoons for Party Boat

Polyline design, repair and fabricate the poly pontoons for leisure vessels such as a Party Pontoon.  Custom variations can be accommodated to suit your requirements (without adding extraordinary costs to the project). 

Custom designed Poly Pontoon for Party Boat
Poly Pontoon on the water
Party Boat on Custom Made Pontoon
View additional benefits of Pontoons for Party Boats
  • HDPE Pontoons increase the weight of the party boat equating to a more comfortable ride (wont bob around like a cork)
  • An increased displacement and weight means if a group of people move to one location the vessel is less effected (wont nose dive when everyone runs to the bow of the barge to see the Dolphin)
  • The cost to manufacture is very similar to replacement aluminium pontoons 
  • Extended life expectancy as Poly will not corrode. There's also no need to anti-foul