HDPE can withstand subzero temperatures!

In fact -40°C to +70°C.

Design Submersible Pump Float
Design Submersible Pump Float
Design Submersible Pump Float


Polyline Industries' years of experience with the Mining industry inspired the development of a Submersible Pump Floatation system that enables easy servicing.


FEATURES of Polyline's Pump Floats

  • Buoyancy: Standard 37kw design can float up to 663kg of weight. Our 90kw model will float 1500kg and custom designs up to what ever you need.


  • Material: Fabricated from high visibility yellow HDPE. The screen is made from Black HDPE.


  • Pump sizes: Standard pump sizes vary from 5 - 90 kw. Custom pump floats can be fabricated to your specific requirements


  • Height: Maintains the overall height of the pump plus 20mm - unlike other floats where the pump is bolted to the underside of the float and has a combine height increase of about 600mm

ADVANTAGES of Polyline's Pump Floats

  • Functionality - The design enables a serviceable Pump Floatation system. The pump is lowered in from the top and sits inside a protective screen that only protrudes through the float enough to allow the intake to source enough water to operate at maximum without cavitating.


  • Durable - All our products are made from UV stable polyethylene which means they won't corrode and will last for decades in the sun.


  • Impact & Chemical Resistant - Will not be damaged under standard heavy duty use. Will be unaffected by almost all acids, salt or caustic substances.


  • Reduces Costs & Downtime - The pump sits inside a protective screen so it does not suck in as much mud or foreign matter, therefore reduces maintenance considerably.


Submersible Pump Float

Report from Customer


A Polyline client spent $12,000 per impeller every 3 months due to a poorly designed submersible pump flotation system.

Polyline's carefully designed Submersible Pump Float saved this client $4,000 in the first month, and over $48,000 in the first year on just 1 pump!

Submersible Pump Float