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Polyline Industries’ Buoys are the most intelligent choice for your marine solutions, whether it be for mooring purposes, as locators, for a weather station, or to assist with navigation.

Our buoys are manufactured in Australia from local materials in high visibility/contrast yellow and black High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Polyline Buoys are made to the highest industry standards to ensure the longest life possible. Spark gap testing is standard for all marine products to ensure water tight welds. Stainless steel or hot dip galvanised sleeves are used to prevent chains rubbing holes into the Buoy.

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Buoys fabricated by Polyline are a cost-effective solution as there is NO requirement for servicing, painting, antifoul or corrosion protection as HDPE is inherently inert and will not corrode.

Ballast chambers are an option as well as foam filling for additional flotation protection.
In the harsh marine environment, a service life of 20–30+ years can be expected.


Optional accessories such as solar powered LED lighting can also be installed for the easiest of night time retrieval. Custom modifications are also possible.