Polyline Industries specialise in the design, innovation and fabrication of Medium and High-Density Polyethylene solution based products that are cost-effective and durable for harsh environments.


  • Mine Ventilation Ducting to Drive & Backs Profile
  • Rotational Mould
  • HDPE Sheet fabrication
  • Marine Craft Design
  • 3D CAD concept model creation
  • Polyurethane Product Design
Mine Ventilation Ducting - PolyDuct Design
Mine Ventilation Ducting - PolyDuct Design


  • MDPE & HDPE sheet fabrication
  • Rotational Moulding (500mm OD - 1600mm OD)
  • Mine Ventilation Ducting (PolyDuct)
  • Vessel construction
  • Onsite extrusion welding
  • Butt-welding pipe
  • HDPE repairs
HDPE Boat Building
Fabrication of Buoys