Polyline’s cable stoppers have been specifically designed for Mining Underground cables that power Jumbo’s and all other electric rigs.

It was found that other standard cable stoppers had protruding bolts which caused serious injury to personnel and equipment when the cable was being wound in.

With Polyline’s cable stoppers, prevention played a huge part in the design. The cable stopper is easily assembled with Stainless Steel bolts that drive into built-in nut sockets so all components discretely sit within the polyurethane housing.

The cable stopper grips the electrical cables with an inner thread, not pinching it or damaging the integrity of the cable.

Polyurethane is inert and will not corrode.

Polyline’s cable stoppers come in five standard sizes. Contact Us today for a free quote or a custom size.

ADVANTAGES of Polyline's Pump Shields

The clever design increases stability with a wide base, minimises the intake of shotcrete fibres, and protects the pump from drill fines.

The pump shield will not impede the use of Jumbo’s from deploying or retrieving the pump as per normal operating procedures. It also does not impede on the flow rate of the standard Flygt Pump.

Poly will not corrode, and it’s also impact resistant. Ideal for preventing damage to the pump housing when deploying and retrieving from the mine face with the Jumbo boom.