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The pump Shield is designed to minimise the intake of Shot Crete fibers by cleverly keeping the intake beneath the floating fibers.

The Pump Shield also protects the pump from from drill fines by keeping the pump intake above the fines and deflecting them from the intake area.

The base of the pump has been increased to maintiane stability of the unit, stopping the pump from falling over.

The pump shield will not impede the use of the jumbo from deploying or retreiving the pump as per normal opperating proceedures.

The Protective cover protects the pump housing from knocks and scrapes from the mine face with the jumbo boom.

Manufactured from Polyethylene in high vis yellow, the pump shield comes with all the fixings and bolts directly to the base of your Flygt pump .

Saving you Money

Down time when your million dollar jumbo is not operating because the Flygt pump has packed up… PRICELESS

ADVANTAGES of Polyline's Pump Shields

The clever design increases stability with a wide base, minimises the intake of shotcrete fibres, and protects the pump from drill fines.

The pump shield will not impede the use of Jumbo’s from deploying or retrieving the pump as per normal operating procedures. It also does not impede on the flow rate of the standard Flygt Pump.

Poly will not corrode, and it’s also impact resistant. Ideal for preventing damage to the pump housing when deploying and retrieving from the mine face with the Jumbo boom.