Fan doors made of HDPE = NO hydraulics!

Poly works on air pressure, unlike heavy steel fan doors that need hydraulics to open/close.

Polyline Industries have developed pump shields for the Underground Mining operators to prevent costly downtime.

Manufactured from Polyethylene (PE or Poly) in high visibility yellow, the pump shield comes in two standard sizes with fixings and bolts suitable for your existing Flygt pump.

Keep reading for the many benefits of Polyline's Pump Shields!


Poly Pump Shield
Poly Pump Shield

ADVANTAGES of Polyline's Pump Shields


The clever design increases stability with a wide base, minimises the intake of shotcrete fibres, and protects the pump from drill fines.


The pump shield will not impede the use of Jumbo's from deploying or retrieving the pump as per normal operating procedures. It also does not impede on the flow rate of the standard Flygt Pump.


Poly will not corrode, and it's also impact resistant. Ideal for preventing damage to the pump housing when deploying and retrieving from the mine face with the Jumbo boom.

Poly Pump Shield


With Polyline's specialist fabrication capabilities in poly pump shields, be sure to send us a message for a free estimate!


Poly Pump Shield 20Kw