HDPE can withstand subzero temperatures!

In fact -40°C to +70°C.


Design Submersible Pump Float
Design Submersible Pump Float
Design Submersible Pump Float


Polyline Industries' years of experience with the Mining industry inspired the development of a Submersible Pump Floatation system that enables easy servicing.


FEATURES of Polyline's Pump Floats

  • Buoyancy: Standard 37kw design can float up to 663kg of weight. Our 90kw model will float 1500kg and custom designs up to what ever you need.


  • Material: Fabricated from high visibility yellow HDPE. The screen is made from Black HDPE.


  • Pump sizes: Standard pump sizes vary from 5 - 90 kw. Custom pump floats can be fabricated to your specific requirements


  • Height: Maintains the overall height of the pump plus 20mm - unlike other floats where the pump is bolted to the underside of the float and has a combine height increase of about 600mm

ADVANTAGES of Polyline's Pump Floats

  • Functionality - The design enables a serviceable Pump Floatation system. The pump is lowered in from the top and sits inside a protective screen that only protrudes through the float enough to allow the intake to source enough water to operate at maximum without cavitating. The impeller is protected from wear when the water runs dry, preventing the float from taking in mud.


  • Durable - All our products are made from UV stable polyethylene which means they won't corrode and will last for decades in the sun.


  • Impact & Chemical Resistant - Will not be damaged under standard heavy duty use. Will be unaffected by almost all acids, salt or caustic substances. The pump itself is also protected from impact as it sits within the float.


  • Reduces Costs & Downtime - The pump sits inside a protective screen so it does not suck in as much mud or foreign matter, therefore reduces maintenance considerably. To service the pump just simply lift out.


Submersible Pump Float

Report from Customer

A Polyline client spent $12,000 per impeller every 3 months due to a poorly designed submersible pump flotation system.

Polyline's carefully designed Submersible Pump Float saved this client over $40,000 in the first year on just one pump! In addition, saving over $120,000 on three 90Kw pumps they would usually spend on servicing costs plus the cost of downtime.

Submersible Pump Float



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