HDPE is perfect for Underground Mines.

It won't rust in damp and salty environments!


HDPE hose reels

Polyline Industries design and fabricate industrial hose reels designed specifically for the mining underground environment.

The hose reels are fabricated from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Unlike its counterparts made of steel, brass or aluminium, HDPE is non-corrosive and flexible. It is also UV resistant and lightweight.

The hose reels function is to keep service hoses off the ground, ensures they are not damaged by vehicles or in the event of an emergency.


HDPE hose reels

FEATURES of Polyline's Hose Reels

  • Material: Thick HDPE in high visibility yellow


  • Mount: Can be mounted with a single-bolt to any
    wall (ideal for Fire Hoses)


  • Sizes: Standard 700mm diameter, or to your size requirement

BENEFITS of Polyline's Hose Reels

  • Durable - Industrial strength, fully UV resistant for
    long life expectancy


  • Functionality - Prevent damage to service hoses
    by keeping them off the ground


  • Lightweight - Easy to relocate





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