GP600 Containment Boom and Deployment Spool

GP600 Containmet Boom

Our GP600 Oil Containment Booms are supplied in 15m lengths conveniently packed into PVC bags.

The GP600 is extremely easy to deploy as it is relatively light weight and packed ready to go.

The boom has a 300mm freeboard and a 300mm draft giving it the ability to contain a spill in moderate conditions that would normally require a much larger type of boom.

The connectors are extruded from impact resistant PVC which has a S.G. similar to that of water essentially giving it a positive buoyancy rather than negative as is aluminium.

The boom materials are all PVC and PE which makes it impervious to contamination from oils and fuels.

Fabric weight Boom Floatation  650g Rip stop PVC 160mm diameter HDPE closed cell foam 
Boom Fabric Boom Colour  Woven Polyester scrim coated with PVC Yellow 
UV Resistance  Excellent 
Boom Connections  HI PVC ASTM Standard 
Operational Temp -20c to +60c
Buoyancy to Weight 25:01:00
Anchor points  2 per section, 1 on each end
Anchor System  15lb Plough Anchors
Towing Frames  6mm HDPE Triangular with Cylindrical Float 


Model:  GP 600 
Freeboard:  300mm 
Draft:  300mm 
Overall Height:  600mm 
Section Length:  15m 
Weight/Metre:  2.2kg 
Weight/section:  33kg 
ASTM Tensile:  5400kg/U 
Ballast:  6mm hot dipped galv chain 
Tension Member:  6mm hot dipped galv chain 

Video - GP600 Containment Boom - Deployment

Video - GP600 Containment Boom - Recovery

This product range can be downloaded as a PDF file here - GP600 Containment Boom (PDF, 304kb)