FLYGT Pump Float

With many years experience in mining Polyline has seen the need to develop a serviceable Flygt Pump Floatation system.

The floats are fabricated from high visibility yellow HDPE and like poly pipe is impact resistant, chemical resistant and impervious to corrosion. The screen itself is made from a thick walled poly pipe.

With the view to allowing ready maintenance, the pump is lowered in
from the top and sits inside a protective screen that only protrudes through the float enough to allow the intake to source enough water to operate at maximum without cavitating.

The Polyline float maintains the overall height of the pump plus 20mm, unlike other floats where the pump is bolted to the underside of the float and has a combine height increase of about 600mm.

Because the pump sits inside a protective screen, it does not suck in as much mud or foreign matter therefore reducing maintenance considerably. Clients have stated that servicing of the pump was reduced from once every three months to once in twelve months.

Flygt Pump Float

Flygt Pump Float

Flygt Pump Float

This product range can be downloaded as a PDF file here - FLYGT Pump Float (PDF, 128kb)