PolyRIB 6600-1 - Work Response Craft

The WRC is described as a Work Response Craft. The POLYRIB is constructed from polyethylene PE and is impervious to corrosion and electrolysis. The product is UV stable and impact resistant. It has all the features of a small line boat and incorporates FRC fast rescue capabilities. It is build to USL DPI specifications. The POLYRIB WRC comes with a centre console, Heinrieksen quick release hook is
Platform Ready and includes all safety equipment including closable vents and fire suppression system.

It is Powered by a 200HP 4LHDTP Yanmar Turbo Diesel coupled to a 241 Hamilton Jet via ZF63 1:1.25 gearbox. The engine is fitted with a Rollover Kit, (mercury cut of switch), which in the event of a rollover will shut the engine down to avoid damage. This vessel is also fitted with a self righting wing which would effectively prevent a rollover, but in the event of a rollover would self right itself.



  • Forward Locker
  • Forward and aft bollards
  • Low to the water sides for rescue and recovery
  • Stretcher area on both sides
  • 140Ltr below deck fuel tank
  • Self draining deck
  • PU non-slip deck matting
  • D section Polyethylene pontoons
  • Rear boarding deck
  • Rear boarding ladder
  • Seating for 5 persons & 2 stretchers
Length Overall:
Fuel Capacity:
Range Expected:
Fuel Consumption:
Maximum Speed:
Cruising Speed:
Bollard Pull:
6.6 Metres
2.5 Metres
0.3 Metres
160 Litres (can be increased)
300 + Nautical Miles
10 Litres/Hour
30 + knots (Expected)
26 + knots (Expected)
800 Kgs plus
2000 Kgs
This product range can be downloaded as a PDF file here - Polyrib 6600-1 Work Response Craft Brochure (PDF, 150kb)