Polyline Industries is an Australian privately owned plastics fabrication company founded in 1999.

It first gained success in the Mining Underground sector by introducing a number of unique products into the industry including PolyDuct, Plastic Detonator boxes, Submersible Poly Pump Floats and an underground poly pipe welding system to name a few. This product range as well as others is now standard issue in the most productive underground mines.

Expanding into the Marine sector, Polyline introduced a number of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) commercial boats into the arena. Our design, functionality and standards for polyethylene vessels are world class and have been internationally recognised by Ausmarine and World Boat World magazines.

With the company positioning statement Tough Plastics Fabrication Polyline Industries has ventured into Polyurethanes, Rotational Moulding (Rotomoulding) and of course our range of fabricated products produced from engineered plastics.

With continual investment in our production capabilities, Polyline Industries now boasts CNC routing capabilities as well as 4m butt welding and sheet bending equipment. This allowed the company to expand its capabilities to the Oil & Gas sector which was well received as the value of plastics proved to be a superior alternative to steel and aluminium into yet another harsh environment.

In 2017 Polyline Industries Pty Ltd (ABN 98 078 161 145) changed ownership to Inspired Living Developments Pty Ltd as trustee for JD Family Trust trading as Polyline Industries (ABN 43 513 063 722).

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