Welcome to Polyline Industries

Polyline Industries is an innovative leader in the fabrication of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), based in Perth Australia. Our services range from Design, Rotational Moulding (Rotomoulding), Poly Sheet Bending, CNC Routing and Welding.


Polyline Industries’ innovative and solutions-based approach to fabrication have become a reputable supplier of HDPE products which proves to be a more durable and cost-effective alternative to steel, aluminium and fibreglass in corrosion and weight-sensitive applications.


With advanced fabrication capabilities, Polyline Industries provide a wide range of engineered polymer solutions internationally for industries such as: Mining, Marine, Oil & Gas and Civil.


A wide spectrum of industry experience makes Polyline Industries highly competent to fabricate the most technical HDPE products by specification.


Since 1999 Polyline Industries have led the way in innovating new product lines to suit our clients’ operational requirements. We are innovating fabricators by trade!


Other than offering our design and fabrication services, our customer service sets us apart from our competitors.

From receiving your quote request to taking delivery of your products, our team take pride in ensuring your order is received on time and on spec.

Poly Barge for Oil spill containment
Detonator storage box
01 Polyline ANFO Storage Box Features

Anti-static with industrial strength, durable, stack or weld, UV resistant.

Custom Poly Workboat PolyRib 6300 on water
02 Polyline Polycat Boat

Strong yet lightweight vessels that are UV stable, non-corrosive, low maintenance, high performance



Polyline Industries have designed and fabricated a wide range of products suitable for Mining Underground and Civil operations.

We can ship ready-made products or manufacture to order.